A card game by Jorlond Games

Enter the mansion

Face the monsters

Don´t lose your mind

73 cards in 3 types

Normally you begin

your turn with 4 cards.

Be happy if none of them

makes you a victim.


You must fulfill card effects if possible.

Most of the time this is good for you - but sometimes it's not.


Whether hallucination or zombie - what haunts you in this house serves the Bad One.


Fight with everything you can get your hands on.

And if you find your personal weapon, you get a bonus.

But it's best not to be a victim.

The 6 characters

With one of them you will

face Bad One

and his monsters.

The Game

You and your friends enter an old abandoned mansion. Bad One rules here. You are very welcome to him. Under his influence you will fight against the undead servants of the house and monstrous spawns of fantasy. And against the crazies - those of you who will never leave the house. In the course of a game, madness threatens you all. If none of you escapes the house, Bad One has won. And he has only one thing in mind...

To find you all

drive you into madness

and bind you forever

to the dark house on the moor.

Three possible end scenarios and two unusual game mechanics make this card game, with its simple rules and light creepy background, an exciting, fun enrichment of your game night.

Bad One

Who gives you stength

and drives you into madness.


Sketches and watercolors

(a few examples)

Nils Carstensen

Game designer / developer


I created Jorlond Games to enrich the world of analog games with my games. ´unpleasant SIDEEFFECT´ will be my first crowdfunding project and is coming to Kickstarter.com this year . If you don't want to miss the launch of ´unpleasant SIDEEFFECT´ then follow me.

Questions? Comment?

Feel free to write me on: contact@jorlond-games.de

I thank you very much if you also make others aware of this project.